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Well here we are now the website is up and running.....

What is all this about well the local Sci Fi group in Southend On Sea will be 40 years old on June 25th 2022 oh! it was so long ago.

I will be making the journey from County Durham to Southend On Sea for this as the founder of local group known as Orion so much has changed since those early days sitting down watching films and televison episodes on VHS tape and having Mini Cons at my old House in Southchurch we all made so many new friends over this time and still keep in touch with a lot of them over facebook I would have never thought that I would be learning so many new things like how put newsletters and magazines together.

And of course the endless photocopying me and sharon had no end of fun with that I can tell you the photocopier was alway's breaking down and over heating

Learning how to organize and put conventions on in southend on sea but with help I did just that so let us start this countdown with some following memories as my blogs will reveal

I will be spilling the beans on who get's credit for helping us along the way too

and dropping some real nice surprises as you will see in the coming months.

Southend On Sea's 1st Science Fiction Group founded by Joseph Beedell in June 1982

The Conventions in Southend On Sea Produced and co organised By Joseph Beedell and the south trek convention committee

Southend Science Fiction Media Conventions

South Trek Sept 1995 A one day event attendance over 500 on Southend Pier Head

and South Trek 97 a three day event 5th to 7th Sept 1997 on Southend Pier attendance over 3'500 over the three days.

Enjoy The Memories there are lots more to come..........

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