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Updated: Sep 7, 2021

So far things are going very well for the Orion at site is receiving between 400-500 vists per month we had received our first early guests that will be in attendance at the June 25th meeting we are delighted to report that a representative of the British science fiction association will be in attendance for our 40th anniversary celebration by the time you read this I will had both co-vid vaccination injections which now means I am now free to travel up and down the country because I was higher risk I stayed within the small confines of my village in Co Durham.

Iv'e been in touch with the Last Post management in Southend and had informed them of our meeting and they are kept up to date with registered numbers month by month.

I’m also been in touch with the southend time line website which is currently undergoing a major overhaul website New address is

The two conventions South Trek 95 and 97 are featured in the lost events of Southend on Sea I’m currently writing a full time line of events from the start of Orion right up to the way to up to the present day most of this is now complete barring a few additions .

It’s very flattering to be considered a part of Southend’s history and culture over the last 40 years and hasn’t time flown.

I’m especially grateful to Chris and Sharon for supplying lots of material to update the timeline than is currently in progress I have one or two’s projects still to complete with outside help the are still in the early stages.

The Evening Echo in Southend which is a local newspaper for the area helped start the group back in 1982 an extensive article is being prepared for release during the week going up to June 25th 2022 as well as this there are radio interviews magazine articles plus the odd TV appearance in the works,

I had been made aware of some very interesting news regarding a certain world record more information will become apparent later.

We will publish an itinerary of events taking place in the days going up to our anniversary meeting this of course would include a press pack for the media which is now being finished it will contain Biographies of Rod Serling Joseph Stefano Leslie Stevens and the master of disaster himself Mr. Irwin Allen the press pack will include some very exclusive photographs cleared for publication to publicise our anniversary event.

Some interesting facts the original co directors of Orion have made a point to meet at least once every 10 years our last meeting was in 2012 for our 30th anniversary a lot has changed since that last meeting so we have a lot of catching up to do I will be arriving in southend six days before running up to the anniversary event so I have time to enjoy some tourism in the area and I look forward to seeing family and friends.

When my Facebook page was inaugurated in 2009 I have reconnected with a lot of the people we used to deal with while running the group and this will surprise more than a few people.

There are some very interesting surprises in store…..

As for the anniversary website when the event is over the site will be left up with photographs of the anniversary event plus it will be expanded to include lots of articles and music that can be downloaded from our large collection of resources.

The Webmaster

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